Hi, I'm Kyle and this is my family

My family experienced a crisis recently.

I was faced with the very difficult position of feeling more and more overwhelmed each day by the needs of the situation and yet also knowing that I was the one who needed to be strong, together, and fully trustworthy if my family was going to make it through without the kind of long-term wounds that can sometimes take a lifetime to heal.



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I felt the pressure to need to be at my best every day.  And I realized that to be that man, a couple of non-negotiables had to be mainstays in my life.  

I had to be as mentally and physically healthy as possible.  My exercise, nutrition, and especially my sleep needed to be dialed in and prioritized to allow me to feel energized, clear, and capable each day.  It is very hard to give your best when you don’t feel your best.  

I also had to be Spiritually healthy in a way that I hadn’t been since my days in seminary over a decade earlier.  I had been neglecting or rushing through things like time in Scripture and prayer.  Church attendance and relationships with other men who could help to lift me up or who I could give of myself to had become perfunctory at best.  

So these were the things that I pursued, even in the midst of the chaos that was going on around me.  Not because they were convenient or because I had tons of time to give to them, but because it felt like my life and the lives of everyone who I was given to love and care for depended upon it. 


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Honestly, this isn’t my first time noticing this about myself.  As a younger man, there were a couple of other hard times.  Some were a result of my shortcomings, and others were a result of things that happened to people that I loved.  I noticed then that making time for exercise and prayer made a huge difference in how each day went or how I responded to things that were outside of my direct control. 

But back then, I was a single guy with very little in the way of responsibilities holding me down.  My mistakes were largely my own.  

As a husband and father, the stakes became much higher for me, just like they are with you.  And if you take these responsibilities seriously, you might feel like I do, that you owe it to yourself and the people that you love to put yourself in a position where you can give them the best version of yourself as often as possible.  

During those toughest times, I benefited greatly from the men who were willing to listen to me and ask me the questions that I needed to consider to help me to elevate to the places I needed to be due to the work that I was called to do with my family. 

These were the guys who encouraged me. Guys who helped to hold me accountable. Guys who I knew were praying for me. Guys who believed that called to better than what I was settling for. I can’t tell you how much I value those guys. 

I’d like to be one of those guys for you. 

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