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What if you became the man you thought you could be?

What Would You Look Like As A Stronger Man?

Imagine peace with yourself, peace with your family, and most importantly, peace with God. 
Think about the confidence that comes from being connected to your true source.  Think about being full of energy again, and about feeling strong, maybe for the first time or the first time in a long time. 
Maybe now is your chance. You've wanted change for a long time.  Maybe now is your time. 

Do You Feel Equipped To Give Your Best Today And In the Future?

Small Steps In The Right Direction Can Lead to Big Change

This is for men who know that they need to be stronger in mind, body, and spirit in order to better love, serve, and lead the people in their lives.

The foundational coaching program offered at Coached by Kyle is known as “A Stronger Man 1 on 1 Coaching.”

But it really could have been called "A Stronger Servent" because that is ultimately the role that we are looking to better fulfill.  You are here to serve those you have been tasked with leading, and you know that you need to do the best job you can with that task.

After an initial 30-minute meeting where I can share the ins and outs of what the coaching and consulting program looks like and you can share with me some of your primary areas of concern, we can decide if we think working together would be fruitful.  

If the answer is “yes,” I’ll send you an intake form that will help me get to know a lot more about you and your goals so that I can tailor the program to meet your needs best.    

But a true coaching program is client-directed.  This is your journey. I'm just the guide.

For the most part, you know what you need to be doing or not doing to reach your goals; my role is to help you to name those things better, develop a plan of action for getting to where you want to go and offer a listening ear, some timely questions, loads of encouragement, and frequent prayers to help you land in a place where you can be the man you’ve always known you could be.  

The initial package involves twelve 50-minute sessions.  We’ll meet weekly, but occasionally, there will be the option to push things back to meet every other week if that makes more sense for making progress toward your goals or better fits the demands of your lifestyle.  (All sessions should be completed within four months of the initial session date).   

Tired of Poor Sleep?

Worried Your Health is Headed in the Wrong Direction?

Falling Short When it Comes to Being Your Home's Spiritual Leader?

Worried That You Might Not Ever Be Good Enough

Finding Yourself More Overwhelmed and Frustrated then You'd Care to Admit?

Feel Like You Don't Know Where to Turn With Your Problems?

Topics Potentially On The Table
Physical Health

Do you have a diagnosis that could be reversed via lifestyle change?  Do you regularly see your Drs?  Do you carry around too much weight?

Emotional Health

Do you have a vision and goals?  Are you able to think clearly about your needs and those of your family?  Are you feeling controlled by any sins or addictions?  


Are you putting the right things into your body that will best benefit your energy, health, and longevity?

Sleep & Rest

Do you get adequate sleep each night?  Do you wake up refreshed and ready for the day?  Are you able to find moments throughout your day to rest your body and mind?

Stress Relief

How do you handle the stress attached to the responsibilities in your life?  Can you manage it in a healthy way or does it have control over you?

Exercise & Fitness

Are you moving and challenging your body on a daily basis?  Do you have a plan for keeping your muscles and heart strong for the long-run?

Relationships & Connections

How well do you know the needs of your wife and children?  Do you have friends who can depend on you (and vice versa)?  Are you an active member of your church body?

Spiritual Connection

If you do not know the Good News, all the good advice in the world is meaningless.  Are you spending time in prayer?  Are you grounded in Scripture?


Are you making decisions for the long term?  We want your life to be long and healthy as people depend on you and you have plenty of work still to do on this planet. 

Need To Know More?

Here are some FAQs.  This should help you get to know the program a little bit better. 

What is coaching, and how is it different from therapy or counseling?

What is coaching, and how is it different from therapy or counseling?

Coaching is client driven. You decide what is the most important, and then we head that direction. 
In counseling, there is often a lot of looking backward and discussion of a diagnosis. In coaching (and consulting) we are always pointed forward.  
If appropriate, I will advise you to seek therapy if that seems like where your best help could be found. 

I'm not a Christian, is this right for me?

I don't see myself as a Christian, is this right for me?

Honestly, maybe not.  I don't say this because I don't think that I could help you or that we could have a good relationship.  I really think that we could. 
I say it because I want you to feel 100% comfortable with me.  I want you to trust that I care about you and that I can help to guide you to where you are looking to go. 
If we aren't on the same page with the importance of your spiritual life, I'd worry that some of my other guidance might not connect with you the way that we'd both want it to. 
I promise to treat your values and beliefs with respect, no matter what, but how comfortable you are with me will be a question that you will have to decide on your own. 

What does a typical session look like?

What does a typical session look like?

I always send out a series of questions that need to be answered prior to each session.  These will guide our appointment.  We will always be building towards the goals you set up in our initial appointment, but each week you will come with new wins, struggles, and questions.  We'll address them as appropriate. 

What happens between appointments?

What happens between appointments?

Here is where I look to give you more of what you truly need.
You'll hear from me frequently.  Sometimes daily.  I'll come to you with encouragement, reminders, and accountability. 
Furthermore, I'll be thinking and praying through your goals, difficulties, and action steps between our appointments with the intention of making sure I'm ready to ask you the right questions and help move you a few steps closer towards the man you want to be. 

How soon until I start seeing change?

How soon until I start seeing change?

I'm a big believer in positive momentum. Small steps build on one another. The bigger changes could take a while as the struggles that you have right now didn't come about overnight. 
But start feeling a little better?  To start feeling a little hopeful?  That can happen really quickly.  My job as your guide will be to help you to see and celebrate your progress while we build it into even better. 

What happens when we are done?

What happens when we are done?

Well, that is up to you.  Maybe you are ready to be done with coaching or feel like our time together has run its course.  I absolutely understand and wish you well. 

But if you'd like to continue on, we can create a new relationship on a month-to-month basis to continue pushing forward I'm ready to help you see what else might be possible. 

How long will this take?

The A Stronger Man coaching package includes 12 sessions.  We'll look to have them completed in under five months.  We'll often meet weekly, but sometimes it might be more appropriate to meet every other week.  
Let's call it a case-by-case situation.  

How do you measure success?

In the most important sense, this will be up to you.  What were your goals?  What steps did you take?
I know from experience that it can often be difficult to see or acknowledge your own success.  This is where I come in.  I will help you learn to see, celebrate, and build off of your victories (even the smallest ones).  
Success tends to build on itself.  I want you to see yours as we go. 

What is the core philosophy of "A Stronger Man"?

You don't have to change. God loves you just as you are.  But you can change.  You can be a better man.  A better husband and father.  A better servant leader.  
As you become physically, emotionally, and spiritually stronger you will be in a much better position to love and serve the people around you while also finally feeling like the man you know you were created to be.  

What do you mean by "longevity"?

What do you mean by "longevity"?

I'd like to help you live a long and healthy life. 
Let's see if we can't help you keep the wisdom and experience while avoiding some of the less-than-fun things about getting older.  
I've got lots of tips and tricks for helping to keep your mind and body clear and full of energy.  

How much does this cost?

How much does this cost?

Don't you hate it when you are looking into a program online and it becomes very clear that they are trying to suck you in while hiding the price for as long as they possibly can?
I sure do.  So here it goes, while we are still in our first year of business the price of the "A Stronger Man" 1 -on-1 coaching program is $3,500 when paid all at once or, if you'd prefer, we can break this down into three payments of $1,250 each. 

Right now some of you are saying "Holy crap, that's a lot of money," while others are saying "That's not bad compared to other programs I've looked into".  I guess it is all about perspective.   Either way, my goal is to over-deliver with value and once we are committed to each other, my pledge is that I will be ALL IN for the duration of your program. 

What are your credentials?

What are your credentials?

I have a variety of certifications when it comes to coaching/consulting.
I'm a Life Coach through the Certified Life Coach Institute.
I'm a Health and Wellness Coach through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).

I have certification in Sleep, Stress, and Longevity through the Spencer Institute & NESTA. 

I don't claim to be a "top expert" in any of these areas but I do claim to have spent a fair amount of time studying, learning, and preparing myself to help people like you who desire improvements in these areas. 

Do you have any other programs?

Do you have any other programs?

Not yet.

Right now, we are just focusing on the A Stronger Man 1-on-1 program.  

Soon I hope to have some other offerings together as I know some might benefit on a program that focuses more on one particular area. 

How are sessions conducted?

We'll meet via Zoom.  I'll be in a private location and I'll encourage you to do the same. 
Look for links to come your way prior to our scheduled time so that you can participate from your end. 

What if I need to reschedule?

As a husband and father, I know that your time is not all your own. Just so you give me 12 hours' notice, we can reschedule.
I'll ask you to avoid pushing appointments out too far from one another (much more than two weeks, and it will become easy to lose our good momentum). 
And if you end up needing to reschedule frequently, we may have to put our heads together to figure out a solution that would help both of our schedules stay consistent.  

How is faith incorporated into this program?

Being connected to God and seeing myself as a recipient of His grace informs who I am and how I coach.  
I'll pray for you (and with you if you'd like).  I'll encourage you to consider where you are in your faith journey. And if you feel led to do so, I'll encourage you to pursue growth in a variety of ways. 

Does this program incorporate fitness and physical health?

Does this program incorporate fitness and physical health?

The answer to this question is up to you, but I would strongly encourage you to answer "yes."  
Movement and exercise are vital to your mental and physical health.  Your mental and physical health is vital to you being the best man that you can be so that you can love, lead, and serve your family the way that you'd like to. 

Can the program be tailored to focus on my specific concerns?

Can the program be tailored to focus on my specific concerns?

Yes!  That's the whole idea of coaching.  Our initial sessions will be spent determining what you want and need the most, and then we'll work together on developing a plan to help you get there.  
I know some of the same things are important for all men but were we focus will be up to you and your priorities. 

Are there tools, books, or materials that I'll need to purchase?

Are there tools, books, or material that I'll need to purchase?


Although I will likely make suggestions depending on your goals and my familiarity with things that might help. 

Why Choose A Stronger Man?

If you've been looking around and you are still reading, maybe you have been led here for a reason. It could be that this is the right time and the right fit for you to start reimagining the man you would like to be. I'd be honored to help you become that man.

You Are Ready

Today is the best day to start.  There will always be another reason to put something off but if you need this step, let's begin now.

You've Been Wanting This

Think about how long you've wondered if you'd become the man you've dreamed you could be.

Your Family Deserves The Best You

Wouldn't it feel good to give them the best version of yourself that there is?  Would anything make you happier?

Kyle 4 x 6

I've Been Where You Are

Our particular struggles might be different, but our goals are very similar.  I don't claim to have overcome but I'm walking that path and would gladly walk it with you.

You Have The Answers

You know what you need and what you want. I'm here to help you get clarity on how to get there.

I'm Committed To You

At the risk of sounding cheesy, I believe there is better to come for you. I'm here to encourage, hold you accountable, and faithfully pray that you get to where you want to be.

Take Your First Step Now To See If Coaching Could Be The Right Fit For You!

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