Why “A Stronger Man?”

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If you are at all like me, you’ve probably tried at least a few different workout routines over the years.  You’ve stuck to some and not to others.  You’ve seen great progress with some but not with others.  

For me, the one that I’ve returned to at least a handful of times throughout the years is the one that I’ve never failed to make good progress with.  Every time I’ve done it, I’ve gotten stronger. 

Maybe you’ve heard of it?  It’s called Starting Strength by an old powerlifter named Mark Rippetoe.   It is about as basic of a program as you could invent.  But you know what?  Basic is almost always best.  Unless you are super advanced, you are going to see the most progress with the basics. 

And yes, I’m talking about lifting weights right now, but the principle could be applied to nearly any important area of your life.  

Are you doing the basics to make sure you are on solid footing?   Or are you making things needlessly complicated in a way that leaves you frustrated by your failure to keep up with your elaborate plans?  

Want to be in better shape?  Are you lifting weights?  Walking enough?  Getting enough sleep?  Drinking enough water?  Eating enough protein?  If you are, you are probably getting into better shape.

Want to have a stronger faith?  Are you praying regularly?  Regularly in Scripture?  Regularly attending church?  If you are, you are probably getting stronger.

Want a better marriage?  Are you listening and empathizing with your wife?  Do you know what she needs?  Do you know what makes her feel loved?  Safe?  If you are, she is likely giving you the things you need in return.  

It is so easy to make life complicated.  The internet is full of millions of new ideas every day.  Tons of them sound good.  It’s possible that tons of them are actually good.  But you can’t do them all.  Trying to would be an exercise in failure.  

I think that you probably know what you really need to do is to get good at the basics.  And then, once you do, get VERY good at them.  

Now, what basics you pursue will obviously depend on your goals.  We are all different men pursuing different things.  But we should all also have a standard set of goals that are sort of universal to men in our position.  

Be healthy in mind, body, and spirit.  Be the servant leader that your wife, children, and community need.  It’s pretty simple. 

And if you ask me, the way to better do all of these things is to become stronger. 

Stronger physically.

Stronger emotionally

Rippetoe is sort of famous for a quote that I like.  I thought it was funny in a pithy sort of way at first, but the more I think about it, the more true I really believe that it is. 

Stronger spiritually. 

“Strong people are harder to kill and more useful in general.”  

Now, I hope that not many of you have people out there actively trying to kill you.  But, if you think about it, we can apply this in a lot more ways than you might have considered at first blush. 

Is heart disease trying to kill you?  A strong heart matters.

Could an accident kill you?  A strong body can help to guard you against that.

Is depression?  A strong mind and spirit will go a long way towards combatting this. 

The list could go on.  The fact is, you are better off being strong.  And your family needs you to be strong.  

And if you’ll indulge me for a moment, it’s also important to embrace the idea that in those places where you are weakest.  Those places where you just cannot get strong for whatever reason it is those places where you need to embrace the grace of God the most clearly.  Where you are weak, He will be strong for you. 

So that’s it, guys.  Why be a stronger man?  Because you really don’t have another option.  If you want a better life for yourself and your family in almost any way conceivable, being stronger (or leaning into the one who is the strongest) is your best and only option. 

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